Shipping Terms & Express Conditions

5/01/2020 COVID-19 Additional Amendment Supersede's any contradicting information shown below: As of 5/1/2020 all orders are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-cancellable once we have processed the order!

Minimum Store Order: $50.00 is the minimum order excluding taxes, handling Fee’s and shipping! Orders under $150.00 have a $9.95 handling fee to cover the costs of packing, credit processing & labor costs. We strive to keep of prices competitive and orders under this threshold rarely cover the processing and packaging costs. The win-win solution for all parties is simply order at least $150.00 and the handling fee with no longer appear.

Free Shipping: Free shipping on qualifying orders over $175.00! Qualifying items are marked with the free shipping tag. Only qualifying items may ship free and requires order to be placed via website. Emergency Supply Network has over 100,000 products which qualify for free shipping. Large dollar value orders over $1500.00 may also qualify. Best to contact us as the dollar amount may reach the manufacturers free shipping threshold or we will search for the most optimal low-cost shipping method! Free shipping is via UPS or FedEx economy ground parcel service within continental United States.

Parcel Shipping: Parcel shipping is the small route type trucks like UPS and FedEx among others. Most shipments ship via this method unless they are beyond the limits of these carriers. Also, some products are determined to not ship well through these parcel carriers and LTL freight is required. Over-sized, heavy weight, hazardous and non-standard shape or packaged goods cannot be shipped via parcel service.

Freight LTL Truck Shipping: Items which are required to ship LTL carrier are expensive and result in express customer responsibilities. Due to the high cost of LTL Freight returns and refunds are not accepted. Please read the full shipping terms and express conditions page prior to completing your order! Completion of order is an express agreement that customer will pay any and all actual freight and associated charges or differences between the estimated and actual amounts to National Supply Network, LLC. The actual freight along with any additional related shipping amounts become the sole responsibility of the customer regardless of the provided estimated amount and must be paid immediately upon notice or invoice. National Supply Network, LLC relies on the information provided by the customer in relation to true and actual shipping costs and failure to provide the proper information can result in various additional shipping costs or carrier fee’s, storage costs, class changes and or additional fee’s related to the shipment or delivery of goods. All orders via this website are calculated as a dock to dock delivery at a commercial non-residential provided address! Contact us immediately if the shipping address provided is other than commercial and with dock! Excessive fees may result from your failure to provide the proper information in regards to your stated shipping address. Some examples are residential delivery, no dock, no forklift, lift-gate needed, high density area, limited access area, island access, multi-level, high rise, gated community, security gate or stop, government facility or circumstances other than straight interstate and commercial dock delivery. See actual shipping price and customers responsibility below.

Order Processing: Order processing may take 1-3 business days excluding holidays. Most orders received before 1:00pm e.s.t. are proceed that day. We rely on off-site warehouses, manufacturers and other suppliers and they also have processing times which ultimately determines when order processing has been completed. We strive to process quickly and most often the processing begins within minutes of order receipt. Your order may be in the process stage prior to a change in the online status. Online status changes can be delayed.

Shipment Time Frame: Shipping time frame varies by depending on the product or warehouse location. Some packages are processed very quickly and put on a shipping trailer within minutes while others may take several days before processing is complete. The average transit time once shipped is 48 hours We do not guarantee any processing or shipping time frame regardless of chosen shipment type. Next day or second day only means that we will requests our source choose shipping option when it does ship. Remember processing times are different than shipping times. We make every effort to attempt but are not responsible for any delays.

Shipping Insurance: All orders through Emergency Supply Network are economy based with no insurance. Once the package ships any related damage or lost shipment becomes the customers responsibility! To avoid these risks please contact us prior to the shipment and add insurance which varies by weight, location and value which is unable to be determined via our shipping calculator. Refused or returned shipment are the customers responsibility see refused or return shipment section below.

Order Cancellation: Your order can be cancelled at any time prior to the start of processing. Cancellation becomes difficult or simply impossible once processing starts so call us immediately once you determine you want to cancel. Receiving notification does not mean we are able to cancel or agree to cancellation. Emergency Supply Network reserves the right to deny cancellation once we have started the processing phase. We will make every effort but may be unable to stop the process as the product may have been pulled from inventory, packaged, on semi-trailer, in transit or other reasons. It may take up to 36 hours to know if our warehouses were truly able to stop the processing. Once the order is processed, any associated credit transaction costs, shipping costs, return fee’s, stoppage fee’s, restock fee’s resulting from the cancellation will be the responsibility of the customer. Emergency Supply Network reserves the exclusive right to cancel or deny orders.

Refused Shipment, Damaged & Returns: A refused, damaged or return shipment are all considered the same. The customer is fully responsible for all costs associated with the return shipment along with any original shipping costs. Also, see shipping insurance section as many of these types of shipments are lost or damaged. We must be called prior to any return or refusal as the package me not be able to return to the location from which it was sent. We will provide an RMA number to be added to the package and location to ship if the item is able to be returned or refused. It is not our responsibility to locate the package if the refused or return policies are not followed correctly. Often this results in no product and no refunds while incurring additional fee’s related to the return or refusal. The customer is responsible for inspecting the delivery for damage and notating with delivery company. Any signs of external damage you must notate with the carrier and refuse shipment. Acceptance signed or unsigned is a transfer of responsibility! Once shipped the transfer of responsibility goes to the delivery. We recommend buying insurance on the delivery of your order, see insurance shipping section above. Your claim to damage is in the hands of the carrier not Emergency Supply Network and failure to document upon delivery is with the customer. We can only assist with documented damage claims.

Shipping Estimates: Emergency Supply Network uses an online shipping calculator which varies in accuracy. The estimated amount is used to give the customer a general expectation as to what shipping they may incur. The calculator is reasonably accurate when shipping parcel which is smaller items under 75 pounds of total weight and do not exceed 24 inches in length. Estimates exceeding this become more difficult to estimate properly. Freight truck LTL shipments have many variables that determine actual freight costs. The customer is responsible and obligated for all actual freight costs above the estimated value. It’s best to provide all location information for the most accurate rate estimated and we highly suggest contacting directly so we can shop for the best viable rate. See the freight LTL truck shipping section.

Product Will-Call Pickup: We have over nine warehouses, manufacturers locations nationwide along with various third-party supplier locations and some stock items can be picked up at these facilities. Please contact us with the manufacturers part number, item SKU number, description and quantity and we can see if pickup is a viable option. Customer takes full responsibility of goods once the item is signed for at the pickup facility. Item may not be returned in the same manner as it must be shipped and follows the refused shipment & returns section above.

Actual Shipment Price & Customer Responsibilities: All actual shipping fee’s regarding the customer’s order is the sole responsibility of the customer as expressly agreed when choosing to purchase via Emergency Supply Network or websites! Emergency Supply Network reserves the right the right to send invoices for any and all unpaid fee’s resulting from the order including any incorrect freight differences, fuel charges, class changes, liftgate charges, storage fee’s, limited access fee’s, dimensional fee’s, return shipping fee’s, delivery attempt fee’s, call ahead fee’s or any other related fee resulting from the customer’s order. These invoices will be emailed or mailed to the billing address which was provided. The customer is responsible for making Emergency Supply Network paid in full regarding the order and associated costs resulting from shipping, lack of credit approval, credit card reversals, charge backs, collections, lawyers fee’s or any other related expense so to make National Supply Network, LLC paid in full.

Administrative Related Contact 502-442-0594 We are unable to answer product, status or shipping related questions via the administrative line. You must use the quote request for under site tools for product related questions.

National Supply Network, LLC and Emergency Supply Network expressly reserves all rights concerning orders placed via this website, directly or any company storefront, including fax, phone or any contractual documentation.

All returns are subject to Emergency Supply Network standard return policy. Go to our terms and conditions link for additional information about the terms of sale when using Emergency Supply Network website. Void where prohibited.