Item Number: HFUD/20T/027
Manufacturer Part ID: HFUD/20T/027
Manufacturer: CPP - LM LTD.
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    HFUD/20T/027 S60x6 Female Buttress x 2" Hose Barb
    S60x6 Female Buttress x 2" Hose Barb

    Reducer from male buttress valve to 1" Hose Barb to connect 1" hose with Swivel ring to make assembly easy and prevent hose twisting. Manufactured from FDA food grade materials in a strong glass coupled Polypropylene under an ISO 9000 Quality Management system. Each adapter is bagged and labeled for cleanliness and ease of identification. The CPP glass coupled Polypropylene material is rated to 150psi and suitable for most chemicals carried in IBC Totes.

    Thread Details:

    S60 x 6 Buttress thread. 60.0mm (2.36") outside diameter and 6.00mm (0.24") thread pitch (distance between threads) to DIN Standard 6131. This is the most common thread found on European IBC's such as Schuetz, Mauser, Sotralenz, Werit, Fustiplast, etc. Refer to Key A in REFERENCE TABLE below.

    Color: Black
    Material: Polypropylene
    Length: 3.1
    Width: 3.1
    Height: 5
    Actual Weight:.3