Item Number: 436639XS
Manufacturer Part ID: 34-500/XS
Manufacturer: PIP INDUSTRIES
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    34-500/xs pip industries pip g-tek® nitrile microsurface nylon grip gloves, 12 pairs/dz, xs

    g-tek® nitrile microsurface nylon grip gloves, 12 pairs/dz, x-small g-tek ag, black nitrile with microsurface grip, blue nylon liner, 13 gauge.

      gloves feature microsurface, a surface treatment that provides a superior grip in dry, wet and oily conditions by reacting like tiny suction cups that attach themselves firmly to the material being handled excellent resistance to liquid permeation oil does not penetrate the glove like foam nitrile styles tremendous comfort and dexterity strong protection from punctures and abrasions seamless nylon liner for comfort and better fit open back for comfort used in general assembly of oily parts, metal handling, fishing and machine operation. weight: 1.58
      lead time days: 5
      returnable item: this item is not refundable or returnable!
    Color: Black/Blue
    Length: 7
    Width: 2
    Height: 3
    Actual Weight:1.58